US v. Caltabiano

(United States Second Circuit) – Affirming the conviction and sentence of a man for mail fraud, conspiracy, and theft of government property by the district court because the defendant waived his challenge to the jury instructions by proposing instructions that were nearly identical and his sentence was not procedurally unreasonable because it was not in plain error.
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Estate of Ware v. Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

(United States Third Circuit) – Affirming the grant of summary judgement to a school whose former employee was exposed to radiation as part of his position because the Price-Anderson Act, which regulates the handling of certain nuclear materials by entities holding licenses to do so, set standards for the exposure of employees to radiation and the injured party in the case had been exposed to much lower than the threshold amounts.
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Lambert v. Nutraceutical Corp

(United States Ninth Circuit) – Reversing a district court order decertifying a class action relating to an alleged aphrodisiac called ‘Cobra Sexual Energy’ because the district court abused its discretion in decertifying the class on the basis of the plaintiff’s inability to prove restitution damages through the full refund model because plaintiff’s damages model matched his theory of liability and because his damages model was supportable on evidence that could be introduced on trial and whether plaintiff could provide damages to a reasonable certainty on the basis of his full refund model was a question of fact to be decided at trial.
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Ezekiel Elliott lands legal victory in Texas, eyes now turn to Fifth

Ezekiel Elliott lands legal victory in Texas, eyes now turn to Fifth Circuit court
Instead, Mazzant's decision means that that NFL will be taking its legal case to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. The league has already filed an appeal with the the Fifth Circuit Court and its hoping a decision will come down
Fury after Ezekiel Elliott 'quit' on Cowboys mid-playNew York Post
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Judge denies NFL's motion to stay Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott's injunctionAll 22
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US v. Poulson

(United States Third Circuit) – Affirming the district court’s findings regarding the number of victims of a multi-million dollar real estate Ponzi scheme who suffered substantial financial hardship as defined by the US Sentencing Guidelines, but vacating and remanding because the court erred in imposing the five-year occupational restriction on his three-year term of supervised release because it exceeded the statutory maximum.
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Waymo LLC v. Uber Technologies, Inc.

(United States Federal Circuit) – Affirming a district court ruling denying motions to compel arbitration between the plaintiff and defendant where the plaintiff had an arbitration agreement with the intervening plaintiff because the plaintiff does not rely upon its agreements with the intervening plaintiff in asserting its claims.
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